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Sponsorship Opportunities

Why become a sponsor?

The Not-a-Boring Competition will be a revolutionary event, marking historic achievements in technology and innovation. Because this competition is reserved for the 12 qualifying  teams, the only way for others to attach their name to this cutting-edge event is through sponsorships. This is a great opportunity for companies to gain exposure on a global scale and drive brand awareness. By partnering with us and becoming our sponsors, your company will be represented as an important driver to our success, crediting you for providing us with the resources needed to win the competition.

The Diggeridoos make sponsors a top priority because without them, our project would not be possible. With their support and donations, we are able to push the boundaries of engineering to develop world-changing solutions and technologies. We continuously strive to build strong relationships with our sponsors, offering them valuable benefits that will increase their ROI. With a four tier sponsorship system, we offer a range of unique benefits from placing your logo on the machine to an exclusive facilities tour. Let us help you bring your name and image to the forefront of technology and innovation and together we can make our mark on the future of transportation. To view the full range of benefits, please take a look at our official sponsorship packet below.




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