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Eliminating traffic one tunnel at a time.

Overpopulation and oversaturation plague the current standards of travel. With streets and highways being congested and underground travel too expensive to utilize ( at times exceeding $1 Billion per mile of tunnel constructed), there is a need for innovation in the space to make travel times more manageable for all users. Current solutions for tunnel boring are incredibly overpriced and inefficient at best. The Diggeridoos' goal is to significantly reduce this cost per mile while increasing the speed and efficiency of tunnel construction to enable the wide use and adoption of underground travel methods.


In the past year, the Diggeridoos were tasked with designing, building, and operating a working version of their qualifying design for the Not-a-Boring Competition.


On July 7 2020 The Boring Company announced the creation of a tunnel boring competition for students from around the world to participate in. Following the announcement, the Diggeridoos worked on the design and manufacturing of a tunnel boring machine (TBM) capable of meeting the competition criteria. In February of 2021, the Diggeridoos were selected as 1 of 12 organizations among nearly 400 international applicants that qualified to participate in the Not-a-Boring competition hosted by Elon Musk’s The Boring Company.

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